As consultants, owners, investors, and board members for private companies for over 25 years, Auctus Search Partners team members understand the value of a systematic process for succession, exit, and contingency planning. Our contingency planning is about who does what, not who owns what (unless you are selling the business) when key people depart for any reason.

We believe that it is critical, as many case studies illustrate, to build a team of next generation leaders and executives in order to survive and prosper during a succession process or at other times of corporate change such as a sale. We know from experience in prior professional pursuits, potential buyers will pay special attention to the go forward leadership and management team.
We combine the insight, perspective, and experience from our previous business endeavors in private equity and investment banking with our training in the administration and interpretation of our assessment tools. We are trained and experienced in the professional development of high potential new leaders and managers. We know how to get them ready to execute on a vision for growth no matter why senior leaders are leaving. In fact, many buyers are reticent to move forward when they perceive too much “key person” risk and the lack of a leadership team “bench”.

Our resources help the new generation of leaders of any organization handle the grieving, stress, and fear that come with change. The contingent go-forward leadership team has to “hit the ground running” in the event of the sudden or planned departure of a key leader due to retirement or sale. KLG’s program facilitates the creation of the exit or contingency plan and then puts in place the teamwork necessary to execute the plan consistent with the vision and values of the organization. Exit and Contingency planning does not have to be unpleasant and our customized solutions are an important step in securing your organization’s future for new owners or your retirement.

Our tools and techniques are time tested and proven in large and small organizations and we focus our work on your vision and goals.

Our exit and contingency planning program takes only 16 weeks. It is a thorough prep of the new generation of leaders and includes deliverables such as key position benchmarks, next generation team analysis, 360° reviews of next generation leaders and post departure action plans.