We believe leadership makes a difference in portfolio company outcomes.

We offer two tailored buy-side options for finding executive led acquisition opportunities:

  • We provide real-time updates on executive-led opportunities as they arise.
  • We conduct a specialized search in your industry of interest, led by an industry expert and tailored to your preferred deal size
Search Services
  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Executive Led Acquisition Search for New Industry Platforms
  • (Industry Specific and Opportunistic)
  • Retained Add-On Acquisition Search for Existing Portfolio Companies
  • Portfolio Company Executive Search
  • Portfolio Company Independent Director Search

Is Executive Led Platform Creation The Right Fit?

SAMPLE: Executive BIOS
  • Executive A: HR Software, HR Software & Services
  • Executive B: Human Resources, HR Compliance
  • Executive C: Precision Manufacturing, High Rise Construction Sensors
  • Executive D: Food Manufacturing, Industrial Food Manufacturing Equipment
  • Executive E: Business (B2B) Services, no thesis (available for existing opportunities in portcos)
  • Executive F: Automotive Services, Auto Glass
Case Study
  • Industry-Leading Banking Executive sourced by Auctus Search Partners
  • Seven months from introduction to PE client to first acquisition in Adjacent BPO services to the Financial Services and other industries
  • Starting point approximately $5M in EBITDA
  • Multiple Add-ons in 18 months
  • Three years after first acquisition — Run Rate EBITDA now at approximately $20M