Virtual Board

Public company boards must have independent members. The reason is their independence allows a dispassionate perspective to enter the leadership and management discussion. Independents can help leadership “see the forest through the trees” and keep management accountable to goals and targets. A seasoned independent professional can help spot trends and facilitate visibility in turbulent times. They also can help leaders get more effort and productivity out of their people.

At Auctus Search Partners Consultants, we go one step further. We provide an independent adviser to your board who is skilled in facilitation, strategic planning and the building of action plans to execute on a strategic vision. We then combine that effort with an outsourced CFO and/or a Lean Qualified Operations Executive.

Unlike other business coaches, we utilize interim CFO services to model potential outcomes on an iterative basis for clients. We also use Lean Qualified Operations Executives to implement continuous improvement initiatives to help execute plans for increased profitability.

We offer four levels of temporary CFO and/or Lean Operations Executive services as part of our Virtual Board. Each level combines those services with a neutral executive board advisor.

  • 1/4 time
  • 1/2 time
  • 3/4 time
  • Full time

All of the above interim management services require a minimum, four month commitment. After which time, we can stay involved, providing c-level input on the creation of the management reporting modules.