Ken Greenberg

Sr. Managing Director, Partner

Ken Greenberg, has extensive experience as an Organizational Development Professional, Investment Banker and a Private Equity Professional. Prior to joining Auctus Search Partners, LLC as a Senior Managing Director, Ken was the founder and CEO of KLG Consultants, LLC, which was acquired by Auctus Search Partners, LLC in November of 2016. KLG Consultants, LLC was a Talent Acquisition and Talent Development firm based in Colorado. The firm offered custom professional development programs and skilled professionals on an outsourced and permanent hire basis to organizations of all types and size. While building KLG, Ken trained senior professionals in leadership, management and high performance team execution. He also developed executive led deal flow for a number of Private Equity firms as well as recruited and helped select senior executives for a wide variety of organizations. Ken has served as a facilitator for a number of public professional development programs including the Emerging Leaders Program, CEO Exchange Program, Mastering Management Program at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. He now serves as Leadership & Organizations Adjunct Faculty Member at University College-University of Denver.

At Auctus, Ken recruits and helps with the selection of senior executives for all types of organizations including portfolio companies of private equity firms. Ken leads Auctus’s work with private equity firms in targeted acquisition search and recruiting platform executives to lead buyouts for new industry platforms. He also leads the company’s Virtual Board, a unique outsourced solution for temporary CFOs and COOs coupled with an executive advisor. Ken has worked as a senior Investment Banker for such firms as Janco Partners, Inc., Tucker Anthony Sutro Capital Markets, Inc., and JWGenesis Capital Markets, Inc. As a private equity professional, Ken has teamed with notable firms such as Gemini Investors, Forrest Binkley Brown, KLH Capital and Chase Capital to complete executive led acquisitions and recapitalizations.

He graduated from Colorado College with a B.A. in World Political Economy and received an MBA from the University of Denver. Ken is a life longer learner and continues his continuing education through Cornell University, University of Denver and a number of professional development curriculum providers. He has a passion for veterans organizations including the Travis Manion Foundation, Marine Raider Foundation, The Green Beret Foundation and The USD Hero Club. He lives in Castle Rock, Colorado where he enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities with his wife and three adult children.

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